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FAQ: Social commitment & Partnerships

If I subscribe to a "Premium" plan, will part of the subscription fee be donated to an NGO?

Yes, that’s correct. Anytime you make a purchase on this site, you will make a donation to an NGO partner of ours. SMS Tsunami Warning currently works in benefit of some of the biggest NGOs. To know more about our NGO partners, please click here.

How much will be given?

SMS Tsunami Warning donates 20% of the price of each membership.

I want to donate to a specific NGO. Can I do that?

Yes, you can. When you get to the Sign up page , just select a NGO from the drop down menu.

How's my money used?

Your donation will directly fund one of the disaster relief projects raised by the NGO you selected during the signup process. To know more about how our NGO and their projects, check our Social Commitment page.

Is the cost of a Premium membership tax deductible?

No, it is not. Since your donation is a part of a broader commercial service, it’s not tax deductible.