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Useful links and resources

Below is a list of tsunami and earthquake related websites you may find of interest for further research on the subject.

The websites are divided into different categories:

> Informative websites

> Blogs

> Commercial websites

> NGO & Donation websites

> Government websites

> Research Institutes

> Other sites of use

Informative websites The Thai Visa Forums is the biggest forum community in Thailand. is the leading forum website for expats and travelers in Phuket and other regions of Thailand. Topics range from tourism, hotels, travels, tips and tricks for tourists and general information about Thailand in general. The Phuket News is the Phuket's number 1 selling weekly English newspaper.

The Phuket News is a newspaper in English language, with daily news about Phuket and Thailand. Moreover you can read interesting info and tips about Phuket events, classifieds, business directory hotels, resorts, restaurants, golf and diving and much more. The Bangkok Times Online is the Thailand daily news website.

The BangkokTimesOnline is an online newspaper in English language, with daily Breaking news and videos from Bangkok, Thailand. It also presents world news, videos, sport, entertainment, business, finance and technology news. More over news about insurance, pensions, QROPS and much more. Serving the information needs of the disaster reduction community. is a project of the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction Secretariat (UNISDR). Our primary purpose is to facilitate an understanding of the subject of disaster risk reduction (DRR) and the work of professionals in this area by providing current news and information on the topic, and tools for exchange and collaboration. Natural disasters educational and scientific information.

Dr. George Carayannis' website provides a wealth of educational and scientific information regarding recent and historical, global and regional destructive tsunamis, devastating earthquakes, deadly volcanic eruptions, killer hurricanes and hurricane surges. Particular attention is given also to Climate Change, Ocean Governance, Ocean Sustainability and Disaster Archaeology. Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ).

The mission of the Society of Environmental Journalists is to strengthen the quality, reach and viability of journalism across all media to advance public understanding of environmental issues. SEJ provides critical support to journalists of all media in their efforts to cover complex issues of the environment responsibly. Earthquake predictions.

Created by Amit Dave, an engineer working in a municipal corporation of Mumbai, this website aims at foretelling the date and the magnitude of the largest earthquakes on the planet. Amit has been working on earthquake predictions for the last 15 years and, he claims, the accuracy of date prediction for major quakes (>6.5) is fairly high (>80%). Earthquake predictions designed for California, US, and Japan.

Created by Luke Thomas 5 years ago, this website makes predictions based on thermal temperature changes caused by kinetic frictional heating of the tectonic plates. Other methods include Moon phases, Animal behaviour, Human behaviour, Micro earthquakes, Seismic gaps, Thermal temperature changes, Satellite earthquake clouds, ULF or Ultra Low Frequency sounds and Water temperature changes. Natural Calamity news.

Natural Calamities provides interesting news regarding natural disasters such as flood, landslide, tsunami, tornado, hurricane, volcano eruption, earthquake, wildfire, epidemics and much more. Create to assist people in the preparations for the future.

This web site is a tool for preparing for the elements Spiritually and Practically. It is also meant to be an aid to help you track events that fall within the Coming Perfect Storm, though as John Paul mentioned in the Perfect Storm prophecy, “There will come a time when no one person can keep track of all that will be happening.” Disaster Preparedness and Research website.

Our main goal is to help you find solutions to protect you and your family before and after a natural disaster. To assist you in this we offer free realtime weather data, Survival Tips, and Survival Kits. Also this website provides a wide range of research material for every type of natural disaster including pictures and videos from stormchasers and photographers around the world. Thailand online newspaper in English language.

Thailand News Updates is an online newspaper which collects news from many other newspapers to offer to his readers the best choice on breaking news in Thailand.

Blogs Tsunami survivor stories.

Written by Rick Von Feldt, this website is based on the primary need of survival. On Boxing day 2004, dozens of thousands of people in Phuket, Thailand, witnessed, experienced and survived one of the most ferocious tsunami in recent history. This web-blog journals their experiences of survival.

Commercial websites SimpleSurvival teaches with articles and tips how to survive natural disasters.

This website teaches how to survive in case of natural disaster or terrorist attack. Interesting articles and resources provide tips on how to make a living out of simple items such as a knife, a little survival gear or emergency disaster kits. Earthquake Insurance website for California.

This website offers insurance policies to cover damages from Earthquakes and Tsunamis. It also provides a large set of information related to seismic activity, particularly in California, USA, and it offers also a wide range of services for earthquake preparedness, risk management, retrofitting options, construction and education. Wilderness Survival Guide - Survive!

Learn primitive technology skills and be a survivor. You'll find wilderness survival skills on this site to assist you find water, forage for food, make a fire, constructing a shelter, apply basic first aid, and much more! : The Next of Kin Education Project.

Mother and daughter writing team Janet and Laura Greenwald have been helming The Next of Kin Education Project since 2002. Laura and Jan later created the Seven Steps to Successful Notification System providing quick, easy next of kin notification for trauma patients in hospitals. Be ready to deal with disasters in 10 minutes or less.

We teach people who are totally unprepared for a disaster, how to be able to grab everything they need -- necessities, keepsakes, vital information -- and evacuate in less than ten minutes.

NGO & Donation websites Donation website related to the March 11th 2011 Earthquake in Northeast Japan.

This website is designed to provide people with greater options for donations following the tremendous natural disaster that afflicted Japan on March 11, 2011. The website serves as a guide for donation and it helps the visitor to better reach reliable locally-active NGOs in need of funds.

Government websites U.S. Geological Survey official website.

The USGS is a scientific agency of the United States' government whose mission is to study the natural resources, landscape and natural hazards, including Earthquakes and Tsunamis, in the United States and across the world. USGS has four major science disciplines concerning geology, hydrology, geography and biology. U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

NOAA was founded on October 3rd 1970 when Richard Nixon wanted to create a new department to serve the needs of the United States. The mission of this agency is to predict and understand changes in the environment of our planet. NOAA try to conserve and manage coastal resources in order to meet our nation's economic, environmental, and social needs. The NOAA website provides also useful information regarding Tsunamis worldwide.

Research Institutes International Journal "Science of Tsunami Hazards".

Tsunami Society International (TSI) was organized in 1982 as a professional, non-profit organization to promote theoretical and applied tsunami research, to support efforts in increasing and disseminating knowledge about tsunamis and to devise methodology for effective risk assessments, the development of early warning systems and the management of programs for preparedness. Institute focused on Tsunami hazard mapping and prediction models.

Based in Southern California, the TRC (Tsunami Research Center) has developed an innovative modeling system for Tsunamis called "MOST" on which new inundation maps have been created for the State of California. The "MOST" code is now used by NOAA and it is widely acknowledged as the only validated code for inundation predictions. The "MOST" code is also used by the US Government for tsunami hazard mapping.

Other sites of interest

    Asahi Japanese School: Japanese Language Courses, Internships and Marine Sports in Fukuoka Japan.

Asahi Nihongo Language School was established in 1999 in the beautiful city of Fukuoka. During the day, we teach mainly Japanese and, in the evening, German and English. Our Japanese teachers create friendly, interesting and diverse lessons to make learning easy, efficient and exciting. Seafriends promotes environment awareness for saving our seas.

Seafriends is definitely a valuable resource for people caring about our planet, oceans, land and nature. The website contains a large amount of easy to understand, independent information, including well researched scientific documents on various environmental issues related to our oceans. helps you plan your dream vacation or relocation to beautiful Phuket.

Phuket-Guide features Phuket hotel listings, travel information, property and real estate listings, Phuket history, traditions and travel tips. With some cool Virtual panoramas, users can view Phuket's beaches, waterfalls, viewpoints and temples. NoonSite is the global site for cruising sailors.

NoonSite aims to provide a one-stop website featuring essential information on all matters of interest to sailors planning an offshore voyage anywhere in the world, whether already underway or still in the preparatory stages. South Tours is a travel agency located in Patong, Phuket - Thailand.

South Tours can assist you in selecting a variety of activities, air travel plans, car rentals, hotels reservations as well as your special individual needs, to make your stay in Phuket Island your most enjoyable vacation ever. Our services are available in French, English and of course Thai.