FAQ: Free & Premium Accounts

Why should I signup on this website?

By creating an account on this website, you will transform your mobile phone (or other electronic device) into a potential life saver for you and your family.

SMS Tsunami Warning gives you the assurance and the security you need while living in the proximity of coastal areas. Get an extra blanket of protection in the form of early warnings delivered to your cell phone, iPhone, smart phone, computer, iPod, iPad, and any other device with GSM signal or internet access.

Our website offers a broad selection of memberships ranging from 100% free plans to top-of-the-line Premium services.

What do I get with a "Free Account"?

With a Free Account, we will warn you anytime an Earthquake threaten your location due to its magnitude and other features. Warnings are sent in the form of Email only (no SMS). If you want to activate SMS alerts, you will be required to upgrade to a "Premium" plan; you can do this any time you want. Free Accounts last for a lifetime and are completely free of charge.

A free account is also required to participate to our Forum and discussion boards.

In general, Free accounts are the best way to get acquainted with our website and with our Early Warning System.

How do I create a Free Account?

Creating a free account is very simple. Just click here and type in your personal information in a web form. Do not worry. We care for your privacy and we will never share your information with anybody.

Once your account is created, you will get access to your user profile page where you can configure your account settings (ie. your current location, phone number, email address, etc.).

I cannot activate my Free account. I didn't receive your validation link.

After signing up for a Free Account, our system sends you an email with a validation link you're required to click on in order to activate your account. Until you don't do this, your account will not be active and you will not receive our alerts. Please check your inbox, open the email we sent you and click on the validation link. Your account will be immediately activated.

NOTE: If you don't see our email in your inbox, please check your Spam folder. We strongly recommend you add our email address to the "Safe Senders" list of your email account to be sure our mails will be correctly relayed in your inbox.

I don't receive your email alerts. Can you help?

It seems that some email providers (Gmail in particular) adopted some strict "spam rules" for which automated emails are relayed in the Spam folder. We strongly recommend you add our email address (info@sms-tsunami-warning.com) to the "Safe Senders" list of your email account. If you don't do so, our emails (including email warnings) may be blocked by spam filters and may not reach you.

After adding our email account to your contacts, emails will be correctly relayed. If you use Gmail, find more details here:

What do I get with a "Premium account"?

A Premium plan is needed in order to receive Earthquake & Tsunami alerts on your cell phone by SMS. Should a violent earthquake happen to have an impact in the area where you live, we will send instantly warn you by sending out a SMS text message to your mobile phone.

SMS text messages are a very effective layer of communication to help you and your family get instant information, wherever you are, when you need it most. Text messages can be received by literally any mobile phone in commerce.

I see you have 3 Premium plans. What’s the difference between them?

SOLO: designed for individuals, this plan allows you to add your location to the system. If your location happen to be at risk (see: tsunami warnings), our system will dispatch an instant alert to your phone number by SMS.

YOU & ME: designed for couples or small families, this plan allows you to manage up to 3 people within your dashboard. The system will monitor seismic activity in up to 3 different geographic locations; if any of such regions happens to be at risk (see: tsunami warnings), instant notifications will be sent simultaneously to up to 3 mobile phones.

FAMILY: designed for larger families, this plan allows you to manage up to 5 people within your dashboard. The system will monitor seismic activity in up to 5 different geographic locations; if any of such regions happens to be at risk (see: tsunami warnings), instant notifications will be sent simultaneously to up to 5 mobile phones.

For how long does a Premium membership last?

Premium accounts last for as long as you need. Upon sign up, you are asked to select the duration of the service: either 1 month, 1 year, 5 years or lifetime.

Bearing in mind that lifetime accounts last for 20 years, 1-month, 1-year and 5-year plans last for their respective amount of time. At the end of the period, your Premium plan will automatically expire and it will be downgraded to "Free" plan (the email alert service will still be active). Upon expiration, you may want to renew your Premium service or just keep using your free account.

Should I sign up for a month, a year, five years or a lifetime?

When you subscribe to a Premium plan, we recommend you reflect about your actual needs.

1-Month plans are suitable for business travelers and holiday makers visiting highly seismic regions (Japan, Indonesia, Hawaii, etc.) for a limited period of time.

1-Year, 5-Year and Lifetime plans are more suitable for people permanently residing by or near coastal areas, especially along the "Ring of Fire".

How do I subscribe to a Premium plan?

If you want to subscribe to one of our Premium plans (Solo, You&Me, Family), just click here .

I would like to test your system and see if my phone receives your SMS. Can I do that?

Yes, you can. After signing up to any account (free or premium), you will be given access to your account's dashboard. Simply login with your username and password and go to "My Account", then go to the "Test Tool" webpage. Now select the type of message you want to test (either SMS or Email) and then click on the "Test Now" button.

A test SMS or email will be instantly sent to your phone and email account. If you don't receive the test message, please check that your phone number and email address are correct. If they are, please contact us immediately so we can investigate further.

Testing SMS messages

How much does SMS Tsunami Warning cost?

While Free accounts are free of charge, Premium plans cost a small one-time fee. Fees are proportional to the type of service and to the duration of the plan:

Price list

* Lifetime memberships are valid for 20 years.

If during the life of my Premium plan I lose my phone or I simply get a new phone number, can I change the phone number I registered in the account?

For sure you can, our system is totally OPEN and you can change your phone number anytime you desire, for an unlimited number of times. Please mind that you can register any phone number, both in your country AND overseas. Our Alert Delivery platform is able to deliver SMS to 700+ carriers worldwide. Let's make an example. If you happen to go to Thailand on holidays and you buy a Thai SIM Card, all you have to do is to login your account and update your contact information with the new Thai number. After going back home, login your account again and switch back to your local phone number.

In order to change your registered number, login your account, go to "My Settings", click on "Edit", look up for "Contact details" and then type your new phone number. If you need assistance, just contact us; we will be always there for you.

I cannot access my account anymore. What can I do?

If you cannot login, simply reset your password here. If you deleted your account by mistake please contact us.

Please mind that, in order to protect your privacy, every account gets automatically deactivated and permanently deleted from our system if you do not login for 24 consecutive months (2 years). Past that time, we will not be able to retrieve your information any more as it gets permanently erased from our database.

Can I cancel my account?

Yes, you can. You may cancel your account anytime in your dashboard. To do so, login your account; go to "My Settings" and click on the "Edit" link. Now click on “Deactivate Account” that appears on the right side of the page.

How to cancel your account

Your personal information will be permanently removed from our system.

I have a Free account and I would like to upgrade to Premium. How can I do it?

If you want to upgrade your free account, just sign up to Premium here.

Once your order is correctly received, your account will be automatically upgraded to “Premium” and your phone number will be instantly activated for receiving SMS alerts.

NOTE: When subscribing to a Premium plan, please use the same email address used in your Free account.

I have already purchased a Premium plan and I want to change its duration. Can I do it now?

Yes, you can. Anytime you purchase a Premium plan, our website will update both plan type and duration linked to your account. For example, if you own a SOLO Plan (1-Month) and you buy a Family Plan (1-Year), your account will be instantly updated with your new plan type and duration. However, in order not to waste money, we suggest you wait for your current plan to expire and, only after that, you buy the plan you desire.

I need an invoice for my purchase. Will I get one?

Yes, you will. After buying a Premium plan, you’ll be sent an invoice to your email address. If you didn't get it, please contact us and we will send it over again.