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The Project

Tsunamis are tidal waves of destruction: in our recent times we have witnessed apocalyptic scenes from Banda Ache (2004) and Japan (2011). But apparently, though on a smaller scale, Tsunamis occur anywhere every year, much more often than what the general public would expect.

What can we do about that?

Although we cannot prevent the nature from following its course nor predict earthquakes, we can do a lot in terms of communication: "early warnings" is the answer. Actually governments and international institutions have done a lot in this field in the last 20 years and technology played a strategic role in detecting global seismic activity in a very accurate and timely manner. But, seemingly there's still a problem. If governments are aware that a tsunami is on its way, why do so many people die? It looks like people just don't know when a tsunami wave is gonna get them.

Governments have done a lot but, still, they failed in setting up a mass communication system to alert people in need. This is the key point. We believe warnings should be sent on a 1-to-1 basis in order to make sure the message gets to every single individual in need; TV and Radio are just not enough.

The solution?

Mobile phones! We thought that Mobile Phones are the most effective communication tool for 2 reasons:

  • they are the most used communication device in the planet (see: cell phones usage by country);
  • mobile phones follow people anywhere they go.

Anybody on earth has access to mobile phones. Some mobile phones may not have internet access but, for sure, all of them are likely to have GSM network coverage. Sending messages to mobile phones is the ideal solution needed to setup a 1-to-1 communication model that may save thousand of lives on a global scale in the future.

The Website is our response. Our website is a SMS Text Messaging platform interfaced with real time data on global seismic activity sourced from official seismic research centers.

As long as you are within GSM mobile coverage, we alert you and your loved ones if an Earthquake or a Tsunami affects or is about to affect your current location. Our platform is entirely internet-based, accessible worldwide and totally configurable. You setup your own account by selecting your current location so we can take care of you even when you travel.

The Mission

Our mission is to provide people with a global internet-based platform that delivers real time 1-to-1 warnings for natural disasters such as Earthquakes and Tsunamis. Our website is meant to empower populations to increase their chance of survival from these natural disasters.


SMS Tsunami Warning acknowledges the great work and thanks the government agencies worldwide for what they are doing towards tsunami early warning systems. In particular, we acknowledge the following agencies on whose information we and the world at large rely on:

For You and Your Loved Ones

With preparedness and safety measures, protect yourself and your family from earthquake risks.

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