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Earthquake & Tsunami Alerts to your Cell Phone

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Get Earthquake Alerts by SMS
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Get SMS Alerts (premium service)

Turn your cell phone into a portable alarm system now!
Register your mobile phone to receive instant Earthquake & Tsunami alerts by SMS, wherever you are, whenever needed. We deliver texts to 700+ carriers worldwide (see carrier list).

The price paid for the service will be donated in part to an NGO of your choice and your purchase is backed by our unconditional 30-day Money Back guarantee.

All "Premium" plans include the free email delivery service so that, if ever needed, you will receive alerts by both SMS and Email at the same time.

Select service duration:
(*) NOTE: all plans DO NOT automatically renew upon expiration (NO recurring payments). Lifetime plans have a duration of 20 years.
Select your favorite NGO:
(*) NOTE: 20% of the price will be donated to the NGO selected here. SMS Tsunami Warning supports many disaster relief projects across the globe.
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Enabled SMS Text Alerts
One (1) Master Account
Zero (0) Beneficiaries
One (1) Location
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Enabled Email Alerts
Enabled SMS Text Alerts
One (1) Master Account
Two (2) Beneficiaries
Three (3) Locations
Secure Payment with Paypal
Enabled Email Alerts
Enabled SMS Text Alerts
One (1) Master Account
Four (4) Beneficiaries
Five (5) Locations
Secure Payment with Paypal
Payments are processed by Paypal, the world's most secure and trusted online payment gateway.
No Paypal account needed. All major Cards accepted (Visa, Mastercard, etc.)
Not sure how it works? Watch this video.

Plan description

SMS Tsunami Warning offers you 3 plans (SOLO, YOU&ME, FAMILY) that can be activated for the duration you desire: 1-Month, 1-Year, 5-Year, Lifetime.
1-Month plans are suitable for tourists and business travellers visiting highly seismic regions for a short period of time. 1-Year plans, 5-Year plans and Lifetime plans are ideal for people permanently residing in coastal areas.
NOTE: please mind that our plans are NOT subscriptions, this means that our plans will NOT automatically renew and you will NEVER be billed a second time. For example, if you buy a 1-month plan, the plan will expire at the end of that period and you will not be charged again.
As for the plan type, there are 3 types of plans: SOLO, YOU&ME and FAMILY.
With a Solo plan, our system will monitor your geo-location (even when you travel) and, if any danger, you'll be sent an instant SMS Text message to your mobile phone (you can register 1 phone number only).
The You & Me plan allows you to add 2 people to your account, for example, your spouse and your mother. You will be allowed to monitor 3 geo-locations worldwide (yours, your spouse's and your mother's); and alerts will be simultaneously sent to the 3 phone numbers you registered.
The Family Plan allows you to add 4 people to the account (your extended family) so that you can monitor up to 5 geo-locations worldwide; if a quake happen to endanger one of these 5 locations, our system will reach out to your entire family by sending a SMS to each one of them onto the 5 phone numbers you registered.